Note : Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on and you have allowed the Bluetooth permission on your device.

Choosing Car Bluetooth Auto Start

  1. Open TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Auto Start On > Auto Start Option > Car Bluetooth.

  2. Select Car Bluetooth : check the Bluetooth devices that you would like to trigger auto start. The list of devices are the ones you've already paired before.

  3. Link Bluetooth Devices to Vehicles : Select the Device that you have connected and select a vehicle to apply your trips to.

  4. Configuring the Speed Threshold : Choose the threshold for tracking to start ( Start Immediately available on Android Only

  5. Timeout : Determine the timeout value for the AutoStart. This value will determine how long the process will monitor movement after the Bluetooth connection occurs. (eg When starting the car the app will wait the timeout for you to drive before stopping the monitoring. If you regularly warm/cool the vehicle before driving or process paperwork in the car then extend this timeout)

  6. When you reach your destination, stop the vehicle and turn it off this will disconnect the Bluetooth and will end the trip.

  7. You can choose to Show Edit Trip after Auto Stop. The trip edit form will pop up. Fill in the rest of the data and save the trip.

Your vehicle doesn’t have Bluetooth audio? No problem. Try one of our TripLog Hardware devices to add similar and upgraded functionality.

TripLog Drive

TripLog Drive™ has built-in GPS to capture location data and transfer to TripLog mobile app for processing through Bluetooth Low Energy. When tracking in RealTime Mode the TripLog Drive does the GPS work and reduces battery drain and data consumption. If you forget to bring your phone or phone battery dies, TripLog Drive™ will track in Offline Mode and later upload to your device when connected again.

To use TripLog Drive™ with TripLog, you’ll need to purchase a TripLog Drive™.
Simply plug the TripLog Drive™ into your car’s USB port or cigarette lighter adapter and forget about it!

TripLog Beacon

Coupled with an iBeacon device using Nearby Technology, the TripLog app detects when your trips start and stop with accurate mileage tracking and certainty. Purchase a TripLog Beacon

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