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How TripLog finds your current location from your saved locations

TripLog retrieves location latitude/longitude and range (the radius) from GPS, WiFi, or your cellular network. When compared to a different location, it looks at the location's radius plus 100 meters (about 328 feet). If that number is greater than the distance between these two sets of coordinates, the app determines that these two locations are the same.

You can change the location range to fit your needs. For example, you can set the location accuracy of a big parking lot to be a few hundred meters, while street parking might require only a few meters. If the range is too large, it will cover more area than it should.

Make sure the latitude/longitude is accurate too. You can fill in the address and press "Address -> Latitude/Longitude" button.

Import locations from Google Maps

To import locations from Google Maps, open location details from Google Maps, select Share, then select TripLog. You should see the address being populated. Enter the name, press the 'Address -> Latitude/Longitude' button and enter the appropriate range. Next, save the location, and it will be available for future use in TripLog.

Assign Business Activity to Particular Locations

When all previous trips end at the same location were for the same activity, the next trip to that location will also be assigned to the same activity. For example, if all previous trips to "Hospital" were for Medical, the next trip to the Hospital will also be assigned to Medical.

The location found was wrong

Sometimes TripLog will come up with incorrect results when looking for the location.   Here's how to troubleshoot common problems.


  1. You need to wait for the GPS to find the location. The GPS icon on the top notification bar indicates the status. Please wait until the icon becomes solid. When the app finds the location, you should also see the message "Updating location..." pop up on the bottom part of the screen.

  2. If you manually entered or imported a location with an address, you need to press the "Address -> Latitude/Longitude" button on the Location edit form to populate the coordinate. This will allow the app to find the latitude/longitude for that location.

  3. If a far away location has been misidentified, please open that location and take a look at the range field. If it's more than 1,000 feet or 300 meters, it might cover more area than it should. You can either merge that location to the correct one or fix the range. To merge or edit locations, go to TripLog > menu > Locations.


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