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FreshBooks Integration
FreshBooks Integration

TripLog and FreshBooks®

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Integrate with FreshBooks®

Using TripLog web, you can connect and upload data to FreshBooks. You need

  1. FreshBooks account.

  2. TripLog Premium or Enterprise Plan.

Upload trips to FreshBooks® as Client invoices. Here is the process:

  1. Log in to your TripLog web account, click the FreshBooks tab on the menu bar, then filter trips by date range, activity and/or driver.

  2. If this is your first time, click the “Connect to FreshBooks” button and then log in to your FreshBooks account. Enter your FreshBooks sub-domain

  3. You also need to set up the accounts. Step 1, import FreshBooks Clients to TripLog as business activities. Step 2, review and link existing activities to FreshBooks Customers.

  4. Review the mileage, rate, and total payment amount, then click “Upload to FreshBooks”.

  5. TripLog then creates a Mileage Invoice for each Client and line item.

  6. You will then log in to FreshBooks to review the invoices.

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