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Migrating From TripLog 1.0 to Current TripLog
Migrating From TripLog 1.0 to Current TripLog

Migrating From TripLog 1.0 to Current TripLog

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TripLog 1.0 Upgrade

Due to changes in technology and Android Requirements the TripLog 1.0 (currently listed as Mileage Tracker) was no longer developed for in 2018.  Due to the need for the legacy users to have access to the app it has remained on the app store.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused but can asssit you in transitioning to the new version that is currently supported.


Create your backup in TripLog 1.0 

On the TripLog 1.0 App > Click the ellipsis ⋮ > Data > Backup To Device.

Update to the app

Download the Current Version of TripLog from the Play Store (Current Version is a White “T” on a blue background)
Serach TripLog Mileage on the Play Store and it should be the first entry.

Setup the New App

Log in by clicking on the Already A User? Log In 

Note: If you have not registered an account do not worry, you can still get a 30 day free trial and it will still import your data to the new app By Following the Get Started Link

Import Data From 1.0

The App Should recognize that there is an older version of TripLog and check for a recent backup.  If found the app it will attempt to restore from it.

You may get a message that the backup is too old depending on the order followed in the steps.

The app will attempt to transfer you over to the TripLog 1.0 app so you can create another device backup.

Then it will attempt to transfer you back to complete the restore.

Note Depending on the volume of data this may take some time.

Verify Trips

Once the transfer is complete please verify you trips then uninstall the old version of TripLog as it may cause issues with Syncing and Data collection.

Verify your settings and permissions and you are ready to go.

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