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Information on Managing and Configuring the ADP® Integration

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Subscribe to TripLog Mileage for ADP Workforce Now® or RUN Powered by ADP®

NOTICE: In order to properly utilize ADP with TripLog. It is important to know that ADP connectors are used for individuals that are not previous ADP customers. Whereas, the ADP full integration is for customers that are already previously integrated with ADP. To differentiate between the two connections, the term "connector" will be listed in the ADP Marketplace for those that require an ADP connector for their account. This applies to all connections such as ADP WFN and RUN.

Before your organization can use TripLog for mileage and expense reimbursement, you need to subscribe to TripLog app on ADP Marketplace. You can find TripLog app listing by searching for “TripLog” on ADP Marketplace or use this link for

TripLog Mileage & Expense for ADP Workforce Now®

TripLog Expense & Mileage for RUN Powered by ADP®

Choose Monthly or Annual subscription, and confirm order. You will be invoiced by ADP, and you can change the subscription type and the number of users later.

Log in to TripLog Web Dashboard

TripLog is fully integrated with ADP through Single Sign-On (SSO). On your ADP Marketplace account, you can find all the apps you’ve subscribed to. Go to “My Apps” page, and click on the TripLog logo, and you will be logged in to TripLog account.

TripLog Mileage for ADP

If this is the first time, you will be presented a Consent screen. Please click “ALLOW” access.

TripLog Mileage for ADP

You will land on the TripLog one-time setup screen. Please go through the setup process.

TripLog Mileage for ADP

TripLog Mileage for ADP

TripLog Mileage for ADP

TripLog Mileage for ADP

Import Users from ADP

The next step is to create user accounts by importing them from ADP. Please go to menu Manage > Users, and click “Import ADP Users” button.

TripLog Mileage for ADP

If this is the first time, you will be presented another Consent screen. Please click “ALLOW“.

TripLog Mileage for ADP

Then, the system will pull all the workers' data from ADP. It might take a few minutes. You can select the users you want to add to TripLog and click “Import Workers“. You can also narrow down the selection by searching for any kind of user data in the top Search box, e.g. name, job title, department, etc. Once you are done, press the “Done” button. You can add more later.

Set up ADP Payroll Settings

As an ADP practitioner, only you can upload mileage and expense data to ADP payroll. But first, you need to set up TripLog to match the ADP codes. On the top menu bar, select Connect > ADP. Then click “ADP Settings“.

TripLog for ADP

You need to choose:

  1. What kind of expense code you would like to use for reimbursement items? Choose the “Earnings” option, The mileage and expense reimbursement amount will be uploaded as positive numbers, and that’s the amount employees will “earn” during the pay cycle. Choose “Deduction” option, the amount will be uploaded as negative numbers, and the employees will be deducted a negative amount, which in fact is equivalent to earnings. The ADP Expense Codes selection will also change corresponding to the “earning” or “deduction” selection.

  2. Match TripLog Expense Categories with ADP Expense Codes. Only match the ones you need, mainly “Mileage”, and possibly “Toll”, “Parking”, and other expense categories. The unmatched expenses won’t be able to upload.

TripLog Mileage for ADP

Upload Mileage and Expenses to ADP

Once your employees have collected some mileage or expenses data using TripLog mobile app, and you are ready to upload those to ADP, you can go to the TripLog ADP page.

There are a few prerequisites:

  • A payroll cycle in ‘Entering Payroll Information’ or ‘Correcting Input’ status.

  • Mileage and other expense types are mapped with ADP Expense Codes.

Select the correct dates, trip activities, and/or expense categories.

Review the reimbursement items and amount, one employee per row.

Click “Upload to ADP“. You will also need to enter the Pay Number each time you upload. The default number is 1.

TripLog Mileage for ADP

When everything is successfully uploaded, you can log in to your ADP Workforce Now Administrator account. On the menu bar, select Process > Payroll > Paydata. You will see the reimbursement data TripLog has uploaded under either Other Earnings or Other Deduction with the mileage Code and Amount.

ADP Paydata

For RUN Powered by ADP®, it’s at top menu Home > Time Sheet Import. You would need to select the pay cycle and find the uploaded mileage amount.

Uploading Time

Manage ADP billing and subscription

You can manage TripLog subscription at ADP Marketplace > Your name > My Apps > find TripLog app > Manage App.

Then update the subscription as needed.

Update TripLog subscription

Update TripLog subscription

Known Issues:

ADP Overall

  • If there is a limit on your subscribers you will need to correct the available seats in ADP to be able to add users with both the Full and Connector integration

  • If you transfer an employee within Company Codes you may need to navigate to the Import workers to update that connection. You can also update the user profile in the Manage users to use the correct Company Code/File ID

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