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Bank and Credit Card Integration
Bank and Credit Card Integration

How to link your bank feed to expenses. Video Link

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(Note: this feature is currently only available for users in the United States and Canada.)

Automatically Track Business Transactions with TripLog’s Bank Integration.

TripLog web app can automatically track incoming transactions from your bank account or credit card!

To set up this automatic transaction tracking please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to TripLog’s Bank Accounts page under > Expenses > Bank Accounts

  2. Search for the financial institution that you wish to track transactions with.

  3. Click on the financial institution you searched for, you will then be prompted to log in to your account with that financial institution.

  4. Once you have entered your credentials for the financial institution, click ‘Connect Accounts’. your financial account will then be integrated with TripLog and your transactions within that account will appear in your expenses page. You can access the expenses page by going to Expenses -> Transactions to view.

  5. One you have set up a connection with a bank or credit card, you can create rules for automatically labeling transactions through our ‘Bank Rules’ feature. Please see our article on this feature here.

TripLog Mileage Tracking App - Bank Integration
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