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Track Vehicles Instead of Drivers
Track Vehicles Instead of Drivers

Utilize the TripLog Drive to Track Vehicles Instead of Drivers

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NOTICE : Once this feature is set up you CANNOT convert your account back.

This article will detail the process to set up and configure the Track Vehicles feature.

This process does require TripLog Drive devices (Purchase Here) and Admin configuration with a Mobile device with Bluetooth.

Setting Up the Account

Ideally this process would be completed on a fresh account but there are options to set it up if you are converting an existing account. We will cover the new account set up process here.

  1. Navigate to Manage Settings (

  2. Select Mileage Policies on the left Menu list

  3. Select the Primary Admin to Share Vehicles from the Drop down (this will become the Master Set of Vehicles)

Setting Up the Vehicles

This step will take you through the pairing process to configure the vehicles.

NOTE: The Primary Admin account that is sharing the vehicles needs to log into the app to set up the Drives.

Prepare the TripLog Drives An Optional step would be to number or identify the drives and which vehicles they will be assigned to. This will allow you to easily connect them later. A best practice is to number or label them based on how you want to assign them and tag them with tape or a sticky note.

Adding Vehicles Open the TripLog app and log into the Primary Admin account on the app. Once logged in navigate to TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Show More > Vehicles. This is where you can validate that the vehicles are already added or you can add them by clicking the Add Vehicle or + button and complete the details.

Powering on the Drives

In the Vehicle : You can go to the vehicle that the drive is intended for and pair it by plugging in the Drive to the port it will be in and powering on the vehicle. (Note : The Drive should be plugged into a port that powers on and off with the vehicle for best results) After the unit is configured for that vehicle, power off the vehicle and leave the configured drive in the vehicle

Away from the Vehicle : You can also use a USB power brick, battery bank or a computer to power the drive to pair them. Simply plug it in wait for the light to come on and return to the app for the drive to appear. When unplugging please wait a minute for the light to turn off before continuing to the next unit.

Pairing the Drives in the App

Be sure to have allowed the Bluetooth Permission to configure the Drives

  1. TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Auto Tracking On > Select TripLog Drive Device

  2. Choose the available Drive from the list (there may be others listed in the saved section) The FIRST Drive may AutoConfigure to the Primary Vehicle so check if there is already a "saved" Device. Edit to the Correct Vehicle if needed ( Edit button or Ellipsis to the right of the listing.

  3. You can confirm the Paring on the Web Dashboard with the MAC address in the "State" field

  4. Repeat for the Additional vehicles and Drives needed

User Setup

The users can be added as normal in the account and will log into their own account. If the user had their own account previously it is recommended to uninstall and use the welcome email to download and login again. Remember to instruct the users to Allow the Location permission as well as the Bluetooth permissions.

Once logged in the app will sync with the Web Dashboard and "Pull" the vehicle listings to the app. The driver can just turn on the vehicle or plug in the drive if the first time and they will be configured to use the app and drive. You can view the synced trips on the web once the users have synced the completed trip data.


What does Track Vehicles do and what are the benefits?

Track vehicles will change the way the reports are displayed and how the vehicles are tracked. They will no longer be vehicles in a "user" list but a Master List that the user will connect to track. This allows for a single record by vehicle versus multiple records if there are multiple drivers.

The benefits include streamlined reporting and ease of use for the drivers. They just need to have the app on to download the trips from the device or track them in realtime. There is no configuration on the user part other than downloading the app and logging in with the welcome email.

Do I need to purchase the TripLog Drive to use this feature?

Yes, the Auto Tracking is locked to the TripLog Drive to ensure proper use of the vehicle only when it is in operation

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