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TripLog for Accountants - Billing
TripLog for Accountants - Billing

Billing information for the TripLog for Accountants program

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TripLog for Accountants is free for the accountant if there are two or more Paid Clients connected to the account. Depending on the agreement you make with your client, you can pay for the client’s TripLog account or the client can pay for their own account. To set which account will be paying for the client’s TripLog subscription, please log in to to, then navigate to the billing page under Manage > Billing. Upon navigating to the page, you will be presented with a page similar to the following:

If you would like to pay for your client’s account (example would be an value-add package with Mileage Tracking then please set ‘Paid by Me’ for the client to ‘YES’. This will contribute to the total for the Pay Next Bill area

If the client will be paying for the service on their own please set ‘Paid by Me’ to ‘NO’. This will active their billing page to view and pay their own bill.

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