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Enterprise TripLog Trial Setup
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NOTICE: These instructions are specific to trial account users.


To start your trial account, it's important to first register an account online. Go to and click "Register".

Fill out the information requested on the registration page.

Account Setup

Once registration has been completed, you will be taken to the "Account Setup" page. This is where you will select your country, time zone, and purpose for utilizing TripLog.

Press "Next" and select your industry.

Press "Next" and fill out your company profile. Make sure to select the proper number of users that will be using the TripLog app and finish the account setup.

Add Users

After successfully creating your company account, you will be taken to your company dashboard overview page (blank due to no data input).

To add users, go to Manage → Users → Add User. On this "Users" page, it lists your entire team, including user roles such as admins and supervisors.

When adding the user, make sure to set the appropriate privileges and add any departments, supervisors, etc.

  1. Administrator/Manager

    1. Allows users to view and edit all users' data, run reports, and manage user accounts.

  2. Application User

    1. Has access via mobile device to sync and link. Limited access - can view and edit only their own reports and data.

  3. Accountant

    1. Read-only view of user data and reports. It allows the user to approve anyone's trips (including own) and mark trips as "Schedule Pay" (or as approved).

  4. Locked

    1. The user is unable to delete trips or change trip data, time, location, and mileage once the trip has been recorded.

Import Users

In order to add a large number of users, you can go to Manage → Users → Import. To ensure proper upload of users, edit the sample CSV that is provided.

TripLog Support

To contact support, users can go to or their administrative dashboard and select "Support" → "Send an Email" or "Schedule a phone call".

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