Notice: This article discusses the differences between TripLog Drive and Beacon.

TripLog Drive: TripLog Drive™ captures GPS data and transmits it to the TripLog App (offline/online) for processing through Bluetooth. It detects when your trips start and stop, and allows trip classification. Waypoints transmitted within 2 seconds.

TripLog Beacon: Coupled with an iBeacon device using Nearby Technology, the TripLog app detects when your trips start and stop with accurate mileage tracking and certainty.

TripLog Beacon

TripLog Drive

Works with TripLog app

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) technology

Instantly detects car movement

Powered by car USB

Minimal battery usage

Always works even when others fail

Trip classification: 3-color LED button/indicator

Advanced GPS chip

4MB memory, holds up to 1 month of driving data

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