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Welcome to TripLog Driver Training

Welcome to TripLog Driver Training

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Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to TripLog, the #1 automatic mileage and expense tracker. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the TripLog app, by far the easiest and most convenient way to track your mileage and get reimbursed.

At TripLog, we value your privacy above all else. That’s why we offer several ways that your admin can enhance user privacy, including the option not to show your vehicle speed, personal trips, and/or unsubmitted trips in the admin’s dashboard.

Plus, you can set up your working hours right within the app, so TripLog will only track your trips in those timeframes. If you don’t want TripLog to automatically track every trip, you can choose to use manual tracking.

When you initially download the TripLog app, you’re going to need to accept a few permissions - but don’t worry! Big brother isn’t watching you. We only use these permissions to ensure accurate and automatic trip tracking.

In addition, we don’t track your whereabouts unless you are actively tracking a trip, and we never sell your data. If you’re concerned about your phone’s cellular data, we can ease your mind here as well, as TripLog uses very little cell data and battery.

TripLog is designed to track every trip, get every distance right, and make submitting reports to your admins easy. TripLog is simple to use and navigate, with powerful set-and-forget options. You can get started in under a minute!

Thank you again for using TripLog. For any questions or support, please contact your primary admin, or email us at [email protected]. Happy driving!

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