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TripLog Notifications

An Admin Guide to Using TripLog Notifications

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TripLog Notifications

On the TripLog Dashboard will give you access to TripLog news as well as a tool for Primary Admin Users will be able to send organization wide messages through Push Notification and optional email Notification. This will be available to view by the end user on the web or app.

Notifications on the Web

Click on the Message to View on the Web.

Notifications on the App

When the message is sent you will get a Push Notification or Email Notification. Click on the notification to view the message. Or navigate to the Notifications Menu to open available Notifications

App Notifications

Read the Notification

Managing Admin Notifications

Navigate to Notifications and Select Compose / Manage

Note this is only available to Admin Users

Composing a New Message

  1. Subject - Will Display on the Push Notification and Message header

  2. Message Body - Rich Text formatting to create your message with ability to add links if needed.

  3. Choose the Audience

    1. ALL USERS

    2. Admins / Managers

    3. Drivers / App Users

    4. Filter by Department

    5. Send to an Individual User

  4. Choose When to Send

    1. Draft - Saves content but does not send

    2. Post Now - Post and Notify Immediately

    3. Schedule - Pick a Date and Time to send in the future

    4. Recurring - When Selected it will repeat on the selected schedule

  5. Optional - Include and Email Notification in addition to the Push Notification

When you are ready to send click send and you can review your message and edit it at any time before sending.

Review the message by clicking on it.

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