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            New Driver Introduction for Android Users

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            Welcome to TripLog! Here are some things drivers need to know as you download the app from the app store or are following the email link from your TripLog administrator:

            1. The first time you open the app, you will be asked to select the tracking mode - fully automated, semi-automated, or manual. They are explained in the next bullet. You will also need to set up your vehicle. Fill it out the best you can and know you can always go back and edit, including the odometer reading.
            2. Auto Start Settings. You can choose the one based upon your personal preference. To find settings, please open TripLog app > menu > Settings > Auto Start Settings > Auto Start Option. 

              • Fully automated - Select MagicTrip™ fully automatic tracking. The app will track any movement. Note - you won’t miss any trip, but this will use the most battery power. This is the default setting.
              • Semi automated - Select Connect to Bluetooth and Speed over Threshold. Then select which Bluetooth devices to trigger auto start at Setup Bluetooth Devices. Note - you can also associate a bluetooth device to a particular car, and the app will recognize it when it starts tracking.
              • Semi automated - Select Plug in to Power and Speed over Threshold. Note - it’s a nice balance between fully automated and manual, especially if your habit is to plug in your phone before driving.
              • Manual - Select Disabled. When using the the app, Trips home screen, select Start Trip at the beginning of the trip and Stop Trip at the end. Note - you may forget to track a trip since it’s not automatic, although, you can manually add a trip if that ever happens.
            3. Data Sync. To ensure the data is synchronized and backed up to the cloud, and accessible from the TripLog website, you need to have a user account. If it is your first time using the app, you need to register an account. Go to TripLog app > menu > Account > Register. If someone else, e.g. your system administrator, has added you to the system, you should receive a welcome email with your account information. You need to make sure you are logged in from the app. Please open TripLog app > menu > Account > enter email and password > Log in > choose Merge Data option when it asks.

            You are ready to track your first trip!


            If you would like to further personalize your mileage tracking, TripLog offers additional Auto Start Settings. For example:

            1. Setup MagicTrip. You can choose the app to run GPS more often, thus more responsive and accurate, but at the same time it will use more battery; or less responsive, and less battery use. In general, these settings generate similar results.
            2. Timeout. This setting helps drivers when they are in heavy traffic or make frequent stops and don’t want to the app to stop and make a new trip. The default setting is 5 minutes.
            3. Speed Threshold. You can set the threshold speed for when using Auto Start. The default is 5 mph or 8 km/h.
            4. Business Hours Activities. You can set up your work schedule to have trips automatically classified as Business or Personal, or choose not to record at all. You can always edit the category during or after a trip.
            5. Locations. The app stores the locations you have been to for future use. You can add your own locations or name frequently visited locations, so that when the app finds the location you have stored by the latitude/longitude and within its range, it will use the name of that location. You can also set default activity for each location. For example, trips to the “Client” location is always for business.

            For additional information, we invite you to browse this user guide or use the search box at the top to learn about a particular subject. Note - information is listed by device: Android, iOS and Web.

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