Plug in to power and go on iOS app

 If you have a habit of plugging your phone into a charger while you drive, then TripLog’s ‘Plug in to power and go’ feature could be perfect for you! This feature sets your phone to track your mileage whenever it is plugged in to a power source.

Don’t worry! 

TripLog will not start tracking if you are not traveling more than 5 mph so it won’t record if you leave your phone to charge overnight. To use this feature, please follow these steps:

  1. Open TripLog app > Menu > Auto Start on > Set Auto Start Option to 'Plug in to power and go' (iOS) or Open TripLog app > Menu > Settings > Set Auto Start Option to 'Plug-N-Go' (Android). 

  2. Plug your device into a power source. You will see the notification message “Power plugged in, wait for speed > 5 mph”.

  3. Start driving. Once you reach 5 mph for a second or two, a new trip will be created and GPS tracking will be started. You will see another message saying that the “Trip has been auto started”. You may also hear an alert if the app has been running in the background.

  4. When you reach your destination, stop the vehicle and unplug your device from the power source. You will see the “Trip has been auto stopped” message and you may hear another alert.

  5. Optionally, you can tap or slide the notification message to open the trip and adjust the data. The message will go away within 30 seconds.

  6. Go over steps 2 – 5 for the next trip.

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