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What features does TripLog offer to tractor-trailer drivers (or truckers)

  1. Scale and Lumpers expense items on trip records.

  2. Per diem check mark for the day.

  3. State-by-state mileage.

  4. Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) calculation.

To turn on these features, please open TripLog app.  Then go to Menu > Vehicles > select the vehicle > Edit > Record state-by-state mileage > turn ON > Save.

How does TripLog track state-by-state mileage for IFTA reports

First, you need to mark the vehicle as a “Record state-by-state mileage” in TripLog > Menu > Vehicles > Edit the vehicle.

Then, when you use manual GPS tracking or one of the auto tracking features, TripLog will automatically look up the street address every mile. It will then log the mileage, state and highway (if recognizable) for each state you drive through.

You can view and edit the state mileage from TripLog by going to Menu > State Mileage. It will also show on the email reports.

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