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Web Dashboard - Manage Billing
Web Dashboard - Manage Billing

Explaining Your Bill and the Billing Page

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The Manage Billing page on the Web Dashboard will give you access to retrieve past paid invoices, review and pay current bills and change your desired plan and renewal rate.  You can access this page HERE.

Manage Bill Page Explained

1: Last Paid Bill
The previously paid invoice and billing period.  Includes the date paid and Transaction Reference number.  Link to the previous receipt/invoice is available.

2: Next Bill
This is the next billing period. There is a link for our current plans and pricing (HERE).

3: Plan Selection
Select you desired plan by clicking on the Box that you desire.  Current pricing is detailed in your local currency.

4: Estimated Payment Amount
Based on your selection the estimated amount for the next bill based on your selection.
Click on "Pay Next Bill" to Advance on to the Payment screen.

Billing Information Page

On the Billing information page you are able to input your billing information.
1: Billing Information
Your email will be where the completed invoice and receipt will be sent.  Please include the billing address of the card you are planning to use.

2: Auto Pay
This option is to opt-in on automatic renewals to prevent lapses in service.  Note: This option is only available with credit card payments.

3: Choose a Payment
Select the form of Payment that you would like to use and follow to the Payment Information Screen.

Payment Information

This page will include the final bill amount for the current bill and charge.

PayPal: Select PayPal and it will redirect you to PayPal to continue your transaction.
Credit Card: Input your credit card information and click Pay now to process immediately.

Note: When paying your Current/Next Bill the FROM date will reflect the time frame that any payment toward renewals paid for will apply to.  
Example: If AutoPay is off and your Billing Date passes the application will begin to remind you to renew.  Once 15 days have passed the account will be locked until renewal.  If your Billing date was one month ago and you paid for one month to bring you current then you would need to pay for the next month to have continued access.  If you have further questions please contact support.

Common Questions:

Q: Why does it says my trial is expired I just paid for my subscription?
A: Generally there should be little processing time from the card approval to your paid status to be reflected on the Web Dashboard and In the App.

  • Verify that you are currently Logged in.  The app might reflect the old or unpaid status if you are logged out of the app.

  • If you verify you are logged in, try to log out and back in to refresh the app or web.

  • Check the billing page that the Last Paid bill reflects your current transaction.

  • Check that the Next Billing Period is in the future

Q: It says my account is closed when I access the Web Dashboard.  How do I fix this?
A: Currently your bill is past due and the account has been locked.  If it goes too long then the Web Dashboard will be closed.  You will need to make your bill current to resume access to your account.

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