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Batch Approval Management

Introduction to Batch Approval Management

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Approval Management and Batch Approval Management is included with our Enterprise service and you can check and upgrade your plan on the billing page.

Batch Approval

Batch approval functionality enables your organization to enhance customization regarding the timing and manner in which users submit their mileage and expense records for approval. This feature empowers users to consolidate approvals with tailored notes, facilitating the association of these items with specific records. This streamlined workflow enhances efficiency for your managers in the approval process.

Setting Up Batch Approval

  1. Navigating to the Customization section of the Manage Settings.

  2. Select the Approval Management and Batch Submission

  3. Save Settings

Menu Example

Verifying the Setup

Once you have Batch Submission Setup you should see the Batch Buttons in the Approval Area. The old version of the Approval Process will have the individual Statuses available and the new option will have the View Batches and Create Batch Buttons

Batch Button Example

Creating and Submitting a Batch

Review the User Guide below for how to Create and Submit a Batch for steps on creating a batch. Only a user can Create, Add Records or Submit/Modify a Batch. Creating a batch from the dialogue will create a batch submission for the current user.

Batch Approval - User Guide
Link to the user guide for using Batch Submission on the app or the web.

Viewing Batches

When reviewing batches you are able to access them through any of the pages with records on them. The Trips and Expense Pages will all have the View Batches Button and the Batches dropdown that will list your batches.

View Batches

In Batch view, you will be able to see the summary of any pending and open Batches. They will have the User Name, BatchName, Summary of Entries, start date and end date time frame for the Records included, and the total dollar amount of the batch.

Clicking into the record will allow you to review and Approve or Reject the selected batch. The batch will have summary details for the entire batch as well as the individual line items for Expense and Mileage. It will include and history of the records including any approval or rejection notes associated with the batch.

Rejecting Items in a Batch

If the batch contains items that need to be rejected you can select those items and to mark as rejected to send them back to the user to correct. The user will be able to correct the records and resubmit them.

Choosing the Reject Entries Will Allow you to select the items that you need to reject, add a note then save the entry to notify the user of the corrections that are needed.

  1. Select Reject Entries

  2. Check the Rejections to Process

  3. Add the Note to the Rejection and Reject

Approving A Batch

Once the batch is validated and the batch can be approved simply enter the batch and select approve. The note field can be updated if needed and then Approved. This will move the batch out of the submitted state and notify the user that the batch was approved and processed.

  1. Select Approve Batch

  2. Update the Approval Note and Approve

Marking Pay Scheduled

The final step of the approval process if being sent to payroll for reimbursement you can mark the batch as Pay Scheduled indicating the record was Paid.

  1. Select Pay Batch

  2. Update the Pay Scheduled note and Click Pay

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