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Transaction Reminders
Transaction Reminders

Automatically enter recurring transactions using TripLog app

Updated over a week ago

With TripLog, you can keep track of your reoccurring transactions by using Transaction Reminders. Reminders can be set up through TripLog mobile app.

Using Transaction Reminders

To use Transaction Reminders, please follow these steps:

1. Please open TripLog app > Transactions (bottom of the screen) in iOS or TripLog app > Menu > Transactions in Android

2. Once at the ‘Transactions’ screen, create a new transaction using the blue ‘+’ button, or edit an existing reoccurring transaction by pressing it.

3. If you are entering a new transaction, fill out the ‘Category’ and ‘Amount’ fields in addition to any other optional fields you wish to record. If you are editing an existing transaction, please verify that the transaction’s information is correct.

4. Scroll down and press ‘Set A Reminder’

5. Set when you would like the reoccurring transaction to next take place. You can set the transaction to reoccur in a certain time frame or, if the transaction is associated with a vehicle (such as an oil change), you can set the transaction to reoccur after you have driven a certain distance.

6. Save the transaction by pressing ‘Save’

7. You will see a pop-up telling you that a notification will be sent once every other day to remind you of the upcoming transaction for 7 days before the set reminder date

8. Once the amount of time or distance set in the reminder has passed, TripLog will automatically create a copy of the transaction. TripLog will continue to do this every interval of that time frame or distance until you mark the reoccurring transaction as ‘Completed’ or you delete it on the Transactions screen (see the forth screenshot). For example, if you set a reminder for a transaction to be in a week, the transaction will be automatically copied every week until you mark it as completed in the transactions screen under TripLog app > Transactions (bottom of the screen) in iOS or TripLog app > Menu > Transactions in Android.

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