AutoStart Option



Disadvantages over other Autostarts

Setup /Options Required

MagicTrip monitors your speed in the background and kicks in as 1-2 minutes of driving and shuts off after you have been idle for 5 minutes

Easy Setup and runs in the background to Track and record your trips

Can have higher battery usage and could possibly track you any time you are moving over 5mph or 8km.h eg. as a passenger, jogging or bicycling

Requires the Location permission and app to be open in the background on the device.

“TripLog Drive™ is a dedicated mileage tracking device built specifically for solving issues with iOS and Android stopping background running apps. The built-in GPS saves your phone battery and data. Classify trips with a physical button/indicator. Perfect for serious drivers and those concerned about privacy, security and reliability.

Zero battery and data consumption on the phone, classify trips with a push of a button, most accurate and least intrusive to your phone, and with the built-in storage you will never miss a mile even your phone is not available.

Higher upfront cost than other options. But by eliminating the limitation and frustration of app based mileage tracking, makes it all worth it.

Requires additional Hardware Device. Can be purchased here TripLog Drive.

TripLog Beacon is a Bluetooth Nearby technology that is developed by Apple for close range detection. Simply insert one in to your car’s USB port. Mileage tracking will start upon detection of your TripLog Beacon and stop when you leave your car.

Minimum battery consumption, a quick response to your movement, auto classifies which car you are driving, and reliable (even if your phone restarts).

Some car models continue to give power to their USB ports even when they are turned off, causing difficulty in determining when trips start and stop, e.g. Ford F150 and the similar class.

Requires additional Hardware Device. Can be purchased here TripLog Beacon

Mileage tracking starts after you drive over 5 mph while connected to your car’s bluetooth. Your trip automatically stops when you get out of the car and disconnect from its bluetooth.

Moderate battery consumption, a quick response to your movement, and auto-classifies which car you are driving.

Bluetooth connection may get interrupted when using other Bluetooth headsets or speakers.

Requires the vehicle or dedicated bluetooth connection to be setup in the vehicle to be tracked.

Designed for Gig Economy drivers working in rideshare, grocery, food, and package delivery. When one of the selected Gig Apps is open and you start driving, the app will automatically start tracking. After you are idle for more than 5 minutes, the trip will be stopped.

Low battery consumption. Only turns on when you are engaging with your gig work.

May falsely start trips when you are not driving, but the app will automatically delete it afterwards.

Need to select the App to associate with the connection and ensure both are open to activate.

Mileage tracking starts when you plug your phone into your car charger and go over 5 mph. Unplug to stop the trip.

Battery drain is not an issue. Easy use for people who have a habit of charging their phone while they drive.

Only works if you remember to plug in your phone.

Requires the use of a charger/power supply in the vehicle

Manually start and stop your trips within the app or using its widgets.

You have full control when you start and stop trips.

You need to remember to start and stop the app’s mileage tracking.

Nothing additional required. Trips can be started with another autostart selected.

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