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Auto Tracking with Gig Economy Apps – Android Only
Auto Tracking with Gig Economy Apps – Android Only

Using the Android Gig Economy Auto Tracking with Gig Apps

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Gig Apps Auto Tracking

This Auto Tracking option is designed for Gig Economy drivers working in rideshare, grocery, food, and package delivery. Currently available only on Android.

When this Auto Tracking is used, one of the selected Gig Economy Apps is open and you start driving, the app will automatically start tracking. After you have been idle for more than 5 minutes, the trip will be stopped. The TripLog app will continuously monitor when you have a Gig App open and are using it. You will gain the advantage of low battery consumption. TripLog only turns on when you are engaging with your gig work.

To Use Gig Apps Auto Tracking

  1. TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Auto Tracking On > Auto Tracking Option > Gig Apps

  2. The first time you will receive a notification to enable the permissions to monitor those apps

  3. Continue to Permissions

  4. Usage Data Access > Find TripLog > Open the TripLog Permission Screen > Toggle on Allow Usage Tracking

  5. Return to the Auto Tracking Option Selection and choose Gig Apps again

  6. Select Gig Apps > Choose the apps you usually use for your gig works then click Save.

  7. Set Speed Threshold to trigger tracking

  8. Open your Gig App and begin Driving. TripLog will automatically start tracking mileage.

  9. Once you have stopped for more than 5 minutes the trip will end.



TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Auto Tracking On > System Permissions
Ensure that all Permissions are Allowed
If there is a permission without a Blue Circle with a check you can click on it to correct the permission.

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