Time Scheduling and Features

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Scheduling Module

Time includes the scheduling module to be able to create appointments or tasks for users and assign and notify them. The user can see the scheduled event and choose to Accept or Reject it. The user can then view it on their schedule for Daily and upcoming events on the app. This will include a manager notes as well as client/location details that are entered in the event.

Schedule an Event

You can Start Scheduling an event by clicking.

  1. Add at the top left

  2. Selecting the Day and User by clicking the square associated

Entering the Details

In this example the Date and User are already added based on the selection


Date and Time Range

Select the Date on the date picker and the start and end time.

Site / Location

If this is an existing location click the Search button if not you will be able to Save the location once entered.

Name : Enter Client /Location Name

Phone : Enter Phone number

Address : Street Address of the Location


Job Activity : Select a Related Job Activity or the leave as Default

Tags : Select any associated tags for the event

Description : Free form text about any notes for the event

Notify by

App notification (Hours : Minutes) before the event (in-app notification, user needs to enable push notifications )

Text Message ( needs entered phone in the user field )

Email (sends an email to the registered email )


Under the team header there will be the assigned team members. In this case the Demo User was assigned due to the relevant box being selected. Click Assign User to add additional users or assign the first user if you chose the Add+ button.

Save Draft : To save the current event as a draft to save your progress.

Save and Notify : Will save the record and notify the user of the single event.

Close : No changes will be save if one of the blue buttons are not selected.

Copying an Event

If you have a recurring event or multi-day appointment you can choose to copy the existing event and select the day to copy it to. The record will keep all features and make a copy on the selected day.


Once ready with the schedule for the week you can choose to Publish and Notify the users of the available schedule to accept the work tasks.

Select Publish & Notify at the top left

This will prompt a verification and the request will be processed. Please wait for the browser confirmation before closing the tab.

When a user accepts the scheduled event

User View Scheduling

On the TripLog app by default under the More menu at the bottom of the page there will be a scheduling button.

The app will refresh to pull in the most recent items

Clicking on the item will open/show details of the event

  1. Clickable map icon will open the location in your Maps app of choice

  2. Phone number is clickable and will open your dialer to call the number

  3. Acceptance : Accept or Reject the activity with notes

Acceptance Screen

Yes, No or Maybe with a Note to the Manager/ Scheduler

Will reflect the acceptance and the note in the task

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