NOTICE: This is relevant to the Enterprise or Premium plan TripLog mobile app users.

*Tablet users will require a stable internet connection to access all of TripLog's capabilities.

Welcome Email

During the TripLog onboarding process, the company administrator usually adds app users to the account and sends a welcome email. Here is a sample email:

App Install

Open the welcome email on your Android or iPhone, click the "Step 1. Install TripLog App" button, and download the TripLog app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

App log in

Go back to the welcome email and click the "Step 2. Log in from the App" button. Log in with your credentials when you open the app. On the app, tap "Allow" to allow TripLog access to send you notifications and use GPS to track mileage in the background.

Create web password (optional)

To log in to the web dashboard, you need to set up a password. Click the "log in and set password" link in the welcome email to proceed.

For more information, watch the TripLog Mobile App Tutorial.

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