Customize Reports on the Web

How to Customize Reports on the Web

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Customize reports using templates

In addition to the summary reports on the Reports page, you can customize the detailed reports and download or email them to yourself.

To customize the reports, log in and click the “Reports” tab. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of report templates. The default one has everything on it. You can open the template and customize the tables and their columns, as well as the order of the columns. You can then download the reports as a zip file or email them to yourself.

Please scroll down and download a sample report in CSV, HTML, and PDF formats.

Combine Reports

You have the option to select the Combine Reports In One File to combine the individual vehicle or user reports into a single file for aggregated reporting.

Share report templates

You can share the report templates within your organization so that everyone can run the reports using that template. But they cannot edit your templates.

Sample Reports

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