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Expense/Transactions Overview
Expense/Transactions Overview

Overview of Expense and Transactions in TripLog

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Setting Up Expense Tracking

On the TripLog Web Dashboard Primary (individual) or Primary Admin (enterprise) can configure some options on how Transactions are captured

Options available to enable on the Customization page

  • Expenses / Transactions

    • Expenses can be captured on the App through Manual Entry or on the Web through Manual Entry or Bank Feed Integrations.

  • Fuel Transactions

    • Fuel Transactions can be added through the app with A receipt scan or manual entry. The Receipt scan will attempt to pull the following fields with OCR along with the Receipt capture : Total Cost, Cost Per Unit (Gallon/Liter), Number of Units (Gallon/ Liter) and the Date. You can validate that the values are correct before saving.

  • Receipt Capture

    • Receipt Capture is an optional setting to allow users to attach Receipts to Transactions and Trips. These can be pulled from the Photo Gallery of the Device or the Camera Live. Receipt entry on the web can support other files but it is not recommended to use varying files types.

  • Expense Categories

    • Expense Categories can be setup under Transactions > Categories on the web. These are the options that will be available to users when entering new transactions. There is a preloaded list of categories that you can edit as needed for your own needs.

  • Tax Codes (optional for Canadian Customers, will display when Country Code is set.)

Entering an Expense Transaction

On the App you will Select the Total Amount, Merchant (optional), Category, Activity

Optional Fields include Taxes/Fees (if split out), Tags, Notes, Location (click the green target for Current Location), Set Reminder ( See Transaction Reminders for More information) Click on Attach a Receipt to open the menu, you can attach from the Photo Gallery or the Live Camera.

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