NOTICE: These instructions and features are specific to users that have purchased TripLog Time.

*Tablet users will require a stable internet connection to access all of TripLog's capabilities.

With TripLog Time, you will be able to clock in/out, view in-depth work schedules, and request and approve PTO. To access this, click the "More" icon on the bottom tabs, expand the components bar, and select "Time Clock", "Schedule", or "Time off".

With the "Time Clock", you will be able to choose how you track your hours (this may be preset based upon company policy) via metrics such as duration or exact clock in/out times.

A "Time Tracking" prompt will be displayed. Go ahead and select "Turn on Time Tracking" and navigate through the "Choose how you track your hours". Once this has been completed, you are ready to track.

To initiate clocking in, press the "start" button.

Fill in the corresponding information, and clock in.

Once the information has been filled out, you will see yourself "clocked in". Your manager will automatically be notified if you choose to.

To clock out, press the "stop" button and save the time entry.

Once the entry has been saved, you will be able to see your overall entries for the week.

For further detail, contact your company administrator.

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