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Quick Getting Started Guide to TripLog (Video Included)
Quick Getting Started Guide to TripLog (Video Included)

Quick Start Guide for First Time Set up and Demo Video

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Quick Start Web Demo

User First Time Setup Guide

Setting Up the App

After your company’s initial setup, the administrator will invite you to access/download TripLog. *Text message, on the left, email message on the right side.

To begin, find the email sent by your administrator. Open the email on your mobile device and click

STEP 1 : Install TripLog Mobile App : Click the link in the email then Link that shows in the mobile browser

Download the TripLog app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you have downloaded the app please return to the Welcome Email

Once you have downloaded the app on your respective app store click

STEP 2 : Log in with the Link from the email or the QR Code

If you choose the link then click the link in the mobile browser.

OPTIONAL : Manual Login

If you have created a password by resetting the initial password you are able to Manually Login with your credentials when you open the app. Please Note : During the Setup process you will be prompted to Allow TripLog to send you notifications to monitor mileage tracking.

Required: Location Settings

Once you are logged in, the app will ask you to allow permissions including Notifications, Location and to Disable battery optimizations. It is necessary to allow all these permissions as need for the app to function.

In order to provide optimal tracking, it’s important to select “Always Allow” for TripLog access to location. If you need to find the permissions it is located under the main menu and system permissions.

Data Sync : How To Sync Data to the Web

If the app has not automatically synced your data when you log in you may need to manually sync your data from the cloud. In order to properly receive updates and settings in TripLog it’s important to “Merge Data” The other two options are generally only used in troubleshooting situations.

Optional : Web Login from Welcome Email

If you would like to access the web portal to view and manage your mileage you are able to click on the link at the bottom of the email to continue to and set your first time password

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