Mileage Rates

How to configure Mileage Rates and how they are updated

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TripLog will update the government mileage rates when they are announced. The app will be updated separately so users are recommended to update at the beginning of the year to the most current version on your app store.

Government Rates

You can choose to use the government mileage rates for quick updates. This will automatically determine the values for Business, Charity, Moving, and Medical mileage rates for the correct timeframes.

Custom Rates

You can set a global custom Mileage Rate by toggling to Custom Rates

Select the Start and End dates to make the effective rate for the time frame. You will need to update the date range as your policies change.

Per User: Custom Rate / Override

If you have users with different rates, you can update their profile with that rate so it will calculate their mileage at that rate.

Go to Manage > Users > Select the User and then the Mileage tab.

Tiered Mileage Rates (CA/UK)

For Canadian and UK customers utilizing the Tiered Mileage rate you can use the Government values or choose to ignore the Tiered Rate by checking the box on the mileage rates page.

Note: If you are using the Tiered Mileage Rates users will need to use a single vehicle during the reporting timeframe for the calculation to process correctly. If they have multiple vehicles they will be calculated individually.

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