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Getting Started Guide for Administrators (Web Dashboard)
Getting Started Guide for Administrators (Web Dashboard)

Administrator Introduction to TripLog

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NOTICE: These instructions and features are specific to TripLog Enterprise plan administrators.

Creating a New Account

We do offer the ability to self-service and set up an account using our free Trial we recommend connecting with a member of our sales team for a demo of the features and benefits of TripLog.

To start utilizing your company account, it's important to first register online. If you haven't already, go to and click "Register" at the top. Click the Register New Account Button to Jump to that option.

Fill out the information requested on the registration page (if you are given a referral code, you can use that here).

Once registration has been completed, you will be taken to the "Account Setup" page. This is where you will select your country, time zone, and purpose for utilizing TripLog. During Account Setup, you will be asked questions about your industry. You can also request a demo within the registration if needed. Press "Next" and fill out your company profile. Make sure to select the correct number of users in your company that will be using TripLog and finish the account setup. You will be able to add users here or add them at a later time when you are ready. Note: When adding a user they will receive a welcome email so if you are not ready for this please wait till the next step.

Add Users

After successfully creating your company account, you will be taken to your company dashboard overview page (which will be blank due to no data input).

To add users, go to Manage β†’ Users β†’ Add User. In this "Users" page, it lists your entire team, including user roles such as admins and supervisors. Note: When adding the user they will receive a Welcome email with information on how to download the app and login to the app or web. With the Import you can choose not to send the Welcome email right away.

  1. ADD USER: Manually Add users by entering their Name, Email Address, and any other optional information

  2. IMPORT: Mass add/modify users through a CSV Import. Additional options are available in the import menu.

  3. Quick Filter: Quickly filter for Enabled/Disabled Users

  4. Filters: Filter for your users to easily find someone

Import Users

To add a large number of users, you can go to Manage β†’ Users β†’ Import User. To ensure proper upload of users, edit the sample CSV that is provided.

User Setup and Options

When adding a user, make sure to set the appropriate privileges and add any departments, supervisors, etc.

Note: When users are disabled, the entire user account becomes inactive, with no access.

User Permissions

  • Admin

    • Allows the user to view and edit all user data, run reports, and manage user accounts.

    • There is an Elevated "Primary Admin" Only other Primaries can grant/view this permission.

    • Can be selected as an Approving Supervisor with the Approval Process

  • App User

    • grants access to logging in on the mobile app, the ability to sync data, and login and access the web dashboard.

    • Limited access - can view and edit only their own reports and data.

  • Accountant

    • Read-only view of user data and reports.

    • It allows the user to approve anyone's trips (including their own) and mark trips as "Schedule Pay" (or as approved).

  • Locked

    • The user is unable to delete trips or change trip data, time, location, and mileage once the trip has been recorded.

    • If Selected there is a sub-option to Allow Delete to reduce the need for interaction by the admins.

  • Disabled

    • Inactive User - No access and removed from billing totals.

In addition, administrators can add specific settings for users such as:

User Role Settings

  • Phone Number

    • Will be used when sending the welcome email/text

  • Department/Office

    • Administrators/managers will only see users of their own Department/Office.

  • Approval Supervisor

    • This is set if the user requires approval from an assigned supervisor.

    • Admins can set delegates to forward approval requests when out of office.

Mileage Settings

  • Deduction for Commute Miles

    • The number of miles that are exempt from a user's daily trips will be shown and deducted from reports when uploaded to QuickBooks, ADP, or other accounting tools.

    • Can be configured in the Import Tool

  • User Mileage Rate

    • This is the mileage rate for non-personal trips. This overrides the system's default Business mileage rate.

  • Lock Auto Start Option

    • Set the AutoStart for the specific user. Can be helpful to override the company setting

Time Settings (Available with Time Add-on)

  • Time Tracking Mode

    • Clock In/Out or Duration depending on the input method desired.

  • Wage

    • Set $XX / Hour or Year to define hourly or salaried and define a create for the reporting. (does not affect the integrations as most require the rate to be set on the payroll software

  • Time-Off Schedule

    • This is a specific PTO the user is assigned, based on accumulation, start/end of employment, etc.

  • Time-Off Balance

    • Set the user values for Time-off when requesting time off. Can be exceeded but with approval. Import to configure available.

Driver Profile

Optional information to add for record keeping. The admin can upload relevant documents to be able to track current paperwork like certifications, registration or other time-based documents. Set the expiration and the user and Supervisor will be notified that the document expired.

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