Fleet Real-Time Tracking

How to enable Fleet Real-Time Tracking on TripLog

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Enable Real-Time Fleet Tracking

To opt-in to Real-Time Fleet Tracking, you will need to go to the Manage Settings page and select the Customization menu. Select the Fleet Real-Time Tracking checkbox and Save Settings

Admin Notes :

Turning on this setting will enable route recording on the apps in the account. The user will not be able to configure the Trip Waypoints selection on the app as it is required to record the driving route that generates the map views.

How is a route or map view generated?

When the user is using a "live" tracking mode to actively use the GPS in the device to record their driving, the app will generate a driving route. This can be represented in the trip view as a blue driving line. When the route and way points are collected and uploaded by the app to the web dashboard they will be available to view in on the web Fleet Real-Time Tracking views.

Why is there a delay in reporting the Real-Time Location?

Depending on the connection for the user or ability for the app to sync in real time may delay the map view from refreshing. If the user is in a remote location the map will update their locations once the user has synced, either automatically or manually.

Why can't I see the location of the user?

Depending on how they are recording their trips they may be delayed due to connection or possibly not recording mileage. Also manual entries do not generate a driving route and will not show on the map views.

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