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How to use and find Current Locations

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The Current Location Map View will show the last recorded trip driving route base don the filter. When the TripLog app records a live tracking trip either with manual start or Auto Tracking it will record a driving route when Real-Time Fleet Tracking is enabled in the settings. When a point is recorded on the route and the vehicle waypoints are on the route will be uploaded and displayed in near real time depending on the user's reception and device status.

Current Location Filter

The Filter selection under the Current Location will allow you to filter down or expand the view of drivers and events. Be aware that widening the search will impact performance and may not load at all if too broad. Example All Drivers/All Time should be chosen carefully.

Default Filter for the Current Location View

Driver : Show All Drivers or Filter for an Individual (note: All Drivers can be limited to the department view if assigned to the same department)

Time : How far the search will look back for a trip route (Default Last 5 minutes)

Trips : How many trips to show on the screen at a time.

Refresh : Check to automatically refresh this page every 2 minutes. (recommended : Time : with in last 30 minutes and Trips : Last Trip Only

Reference Locations : Clicking Enable will give you access to uploading a CSV of locations to show on the map as reference for the current location of the user. Examples would be specific areas like Office or client locations. These are specific to this map view only.

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