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Fees, Cancellations, and Refunds
Fees, Cancellations, and Refunds

Overview of Cancellations, Refunds and more.

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NOTICE: For more information about TripLog's terms of service visit:


Use of our Service requires payment. TripLog reserves the right to increase our Service fees without notice. You represent and warrant that when you make any payments to TripLog for use of our Service:

  • You agree to pay the fees at our then-current prices as posted on our Website, including any applicable taxes

  • You agree that fee will be honored by your bank or credit card company; AND

  • You agree that if your initial payment method is dishonored, you will still pay the charges incurred, including any surcharge we may incur due to such dishonored payment.

  • You agree that you will be charged during your subscription period for each Account you have created at the time you become a Member, regardless of whether you are using all Accounts. Once your subscription period ends, you can alter the number of Accounts in use.


We do not offer refunds for the use of our Service, except for the first 30 days of the initial term, in which we offer a full refund guarantee.

Free Trial Accounts

We offer the ability to create a free 15-day trial account (“Free Trial”) for the use of our Service. If you sign-up for a Free Trial, you acknowledge that once the trial period has expired, your Free Trial will be converted into a regular Account and that you must then pay our post fees to continue using our Service. You acknowledge that we are not obligated to offer or continue offering these Accounts and may terminate your Free Trial before the expiration of the trial period at our sole discretion.

Payment Charge-Backs

TripLog has a zero-tolerance policy regarding payment charge-backs and we ask that you contact us if you have an issue any payment for using our Website. However, if you start a charge-back process regarding our Website with your bank or credit card company, TripLog reserves the right to immediately terminate all of your Accounts with our Service. Your account and the payment information you provided will be blacklisted in our systems. Should we do this, you will never again be able to use our Website and you will be liable for any administrative costs we incur in processing the charge-back.

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