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Paylocity API

Paylocity Integration

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New TripLog Customer

To begin you will need to set up your Triplog account.

Once completed please follow the steps to connect your Paylocity Account to TripLog

**Currently there is a manual request process to connect to your Paylocity Account. Please fill out the form HERE to allow us to connect your account with Paylocity. Submit the completed form to [email protected] , Please be sure it is sent from the Primary TripLog Admin account.

Existing TripLog Customer

Connecting Your Paylocity Account

You will need your Paylocity Company ID. This can be found on your Paylocity Dashboard

1. Select the Connect > Paylocity

2. Click the Connect to Paylocity button then enter your Company ID number into the prompt for the Connect to Paylocity pop-up. You will need to authorize the connection to Paylocity by Authorizing on the pop-up. Note that you will need to acknowledge the billing change on the popup as there is an additional cost to enable the integration.
Where to find your Company ID

Where to enter the Company ID once located.

3. Once Connected you will need to enter the Expense categories in Paylocity that you will want to use with TripLog and return to the Paylocity Setup. Initially these categories will not be connected so you will need to map them to the respective reimbursement categories that were created in Paylocity.

Click on the category you wish to link and select the correct item form the drop down.

Once all of your desired categories are properly mapped, click save to continue to the next step.

Importing Users From Paylocity

Under Manage Users select the Import Paylocity Workers

  1. Select Continue on the following screen to confirm the pull from Paylocity.

  2. Select the user that you wish to import to Triplog. (Note that upon adding them to TripLog they will receive a welcome email to download the app and log in)

  3. To Complete click the Import Workers button

Once successfully imported they will no longer have the checkbox and will no longer be grayed out. You can then click the Done button to return to Manage users.

Uploading to Paylocity

Important Note on the Upload Process: The actual upload needs to be processed after the Payroll End Date but Before the Pay Check Date (Scheduled Date for Check to be issued)

Clicking on the Upload to Paylocity will open the dialouge below. Enter the information sourced from the Paycycle setup in Paylocity. Complete the upload.

To get this information : Navigate to Payroll > Pay Entry

Validate the batch that was uploaded.

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