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UKG Pro Integration
UKG Pro Integration

Setup and Connect to UKG Pro

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Setting up the Integration for UKG Pro requires the Enterprise Plan to enable the connection. If you are not currently on the correct plan, enabling the Connection will prompt you to upgrade.

UKG Pro Integration

Enabling the Integration

Allow TripLog Permission:

Navigate to your UKG Pro Portal and under System Configuration > Security > Service Account Administration. Click ADD to Start the Process

Once you validate or create your Login to Allow the Correct Permissions:
​Please note that this cannot be the same as any existing user names associated with accounts or other web services. User names should be standard alpha-numeric without special characters if possible. There will be an error returned if not compatible.

IMPORTANT: When you click Save it will generate an Access Password, Be Sure to Record this for the next step.

Example of the Password Screen

Select the Fields as an example in the picture below

Company Configuration Integration: Grant View Access

Employee Export: Grant View Access

Payroll Integration: Grant Add - View - Edit Access

Navigate to Security > Web Services and make a note of the hostname between the "HTTP://" and up to the ".com"

Make a Note of the entered Application Name and Customer API KEY

Return to TripLog Dashboard:

Under the CONNECT Menu at the Top Right Select UKG Pro

Click the Green Connect to UKG button

Enter your Web Service Host, Customer API Key, Application Name, and Generated Password

Connecting TripLog Expense Category to the UKG Earnings Pay Items

IMPORTANT: The Pay Items Selected here need to be available for the Users that will be connected. If the Pay Item is not available for the assigned users it will possibly fail or simply not be uploaded.

Importing Users

Click the Import UKG Workers

Validate the User that you would like to import, Check the box for the user/s you would like to import, and select Import Workers

Click the Confirmation to Import then OK when completed

Disabling Users

You are able to disable access in the TripLog interface by selecting the user and Disabling the TripLog. Disabling the user does not remove the data from the Web Dashboard but will disable access for the user and remove the data from the connected Mobile App.

When terminating an employee in UKG the TripLog integration will automatically Disable the TripLog user account.

Manually Disable A User:

Select user > Check the Disabled box > Save

Uploading To UKG Payroll

To Begin the Payroll Upload Process

Step 1: Initiate the Upload from TripLog: Update the Filters for the Relevant records then click the Upload to UKG

Confirm you have the correct Pay Period Start and End date as the Pay Charge Date will need to be within that period. If you need to verify this navigate to the UKG Portal under Administration > Payroll Processing > Payroll Gateway. Locate the Relevant Pay Group and the Pay Period Start and Pay Period End Date.

Step 2: Upload to UKG Once the Pay Charge Date is added then Confirm the Upload


Step 3: Navigate back to the Administration > Payroll Processing > Payroll Gateway Select the Appropriate Pay Group

Click Start on the Payroll Overview Screen

You will click Verify to Import the Records to the Payroll Group. Repeat for Each Pay Group that needs to be imported. You are able to review the items that will be available to the Payroll under the View Pay Data.

Records will show by User by Pay Item Category

Here is an example of the test user upload that was performed:

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