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TripLog Course 6 App Navigation and Tips

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Navigating the TripLog App and Tips to Be Successful:
In the last video we covered some of the options and settings for the autostarts. In this video we will cover some of the steps you can take to be successful with tracking your mileage to ensure you are getting the most out of your program.

Helpful Tips
Navigating the Home Screen/Navigation Bar
Basic navigation of the app includes the Home Screen and Menu Bar. You can move through the common tasks on the navigation bar. Trips, Fuel, Transactions, Reports or Time/ Depending on you account configuration you may see different or less options. Under the show more you can see all options available to you. You can edit order of these items by long pressing on an option with the show more expanded then move the icons as needed.
If for some reason you are missing some options, the first step would be attempting a data sync. In some more advanced troubleshooting, you may need to log out or reinstall the app.

Menu Bar
The Menu bar can be opened by clicking on the three line icon at the top left or swiping in from the left of the screen. These are less-used options but will give you access to settings, vehicles and locations. There are additional tools like the Route Planning and Frequent Trips rules that you can configure to use your locations in the app to automatically classify common trips or push a route to your maps app. See the associated article for this course for more details.

Depending on your company completed your account configuration you may not have access to see all options. If your account has additional features like Approval management or another integrations turned on this is where you will see those options.

Keeping the app open.
By regularly opening the app to review your mileage you can ensure that the app is refreshed regularly and you can verify your mileage is being collected correctly. When using the application, you will want to make sure that the application has the correct background permissions. If you are to switch apps, you will want to make sure that the app is still open in the background. If you do accidentally force close the app you will want to re-open the app by tapping on the app icon occasionally. Through regular background use you may need to validate that the data is up to date. Simply open the app to verify your trip information or any recently recorded or synced information.

Syncing Data:
TripLog will try to automatically sync data to keep your app up-to-date as well as keep the information that you or your manager see on the web dashboard up-to-date. The application will automatically sync, but occasionally you may need to manually sync due to connection issues or the app being closed in the background. To do a sync to see if there are any changes you can pull down on Trips or Transactions screen to do a quick merge data sync.
In general you will always want to merge data unless directed by support during troubleshooting.
If you update any information on the web, to see it reflected on the application, you will also need to initiate a manual sync from the app.

There are 2 locations to get to the sync menu the preferred would be through Help and Info
Open the Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Help and Info > Scroll to the bottom and Click Data Sync & Backup > Sync Between Device and Cloud > Merge Data Confirm Merge Data

Manual Sync : TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Your Plan (Click on the Email) > Data Backup > Sync Between Device and Cloud > Merge Data Confirm Merge Data

Please note that you will not want to do this excessively as the server will time you out. If you get the timeout error you will simply need to wait the timeout period. If you are having sync issues try a different wireless connection or move to an area of better signal and try again.

Home Screen and Navigation Bar

The home screen will have the default option selected when you open the app, generally the Trips Page on the current month. Note: If the month recently changed over you may not see trips and will need to use the date selection to see your trips.

Home Screen Breakdown

Available options in the Navigation Bar

Customize the Menu Arrangement

To Arrange to your needs click the Reorder button then long press and drag the icon to the desired location. This is similar to how you arrange apps in the operating system. Click done once in the order you like. Note: You may not have the all the available options shown in the example.

Main Menu

Adjust Odometer Tool

Navigation / Route Planning

The Navigation/Route Planning tool will allow you to quickly use already recorded locations to send directions or an optiomized route to your device's map application. By default it will use Google Maps on Android and on iOS it will give you the option between Apple Maps and Google Maps if you have Google Maps installed.

Simply select the location you want to send to the map application and click the blue navigation icon. It will open the selected application and enter the route form your current location. Note: the order is closest to farthest, if you need to navigate to a specific location first your will want to navigate to just that location.

You can manually add a location in the route planning menu by clicking the Plus at the top right.

Frequent Trip Rules

The Frequent Trip Rules will allow you to predefine the Activity that a specific trips uses by default. An example is a drive from a client to the office will always be a Business Trip if traveled in either direction. You can choose the From and To locations then define if it is One way or both ways then set the default activity.

You can add multiple rules and update them or remove them as needed. This is overriding the Timeframe defaults so be aware of that condition. A reason to use this to by example that if you normally travel somewhere after hours but need it to always be business you can define that here.

Tips to Be Successful

Leave the app open in the background and open the app regularly. Make sure to allow the Background Process and Allow Disabling Battery Optimization. If you force close the app know that you will need to manually open it again to have the app automatically track mileage as well as sync.

Sync Data

While the app will automatically sync data when allowed to run in the background it may come to a point that you will need to manually sync data. Possibly your manager is unable to see your trips or expenses and you will need to sync.

Quick Sync

A quick sync will merge data and can be done on the Trips or Transaction screens by simply pulling down on the page.

Full Data Sync

If for some reason that is not enough then you may need to do a full data sync. Generally the Merge Data option is the safest and you should not use the other options unless directed by you manager or support during troubleshooting.

Manual Full Sync Option 1 (Preferred): Open the Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Help and Info > Scroll to the bottom and Click Data Sync & Backup > Sync Between Device and Cloud > Merge Data Confirm Merge Data

Manual Full Sync Option 2: TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Your Plan (Click on the Email) > Data Backup > Sync Between Device and Cloud > Merge Data > Confirm Merge Data

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