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Mobile App Customization

How To Make TripLog Work for You

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Your driving style is uniquely your own. That is why TripLog offers ways to customize your tracking to better suit your needs and requirements.

If you would like to take advantage of these features, TripLog offers additional Auto Tracking Settings under TripLog app > Main Menu > Auto Tracking On. For example:

Responsiveness – This only applies to the MagicTrip™. You can choose the app to run GPS more often, thus being more responsive and accurate (but it will use more battery), or less responsive, resulting in less battery use. In general, these settings generate similar results.

Timeout – To conserve battery, TripLog automatically stops trips when it sees that you have not moved for a duration of time (i.e., the length of your Timeout setting). This setting helps drivers who are often in heavy traffic or make frequent stops and want the app to record the stop-and-go pattern as one continuous trip. The default setting is 5 minutes.

Speed Threshold – This setting determines the speed at which you must be going in order to trigger TripLog to start recording your trip. The default is 5 mph or 8 km/h.

Changing Metrics - You can change metrics, such as miles to kilometers, by going to the Menu > General Settings > Units of Measure > Imperial (mile, liter, MPG). Other metrics such as currency and tiered mileage rates can also be changed in the general settings.

Business Hours Activities – You can set up your work schedule to have trips automatically classified as Business or Personal, or to not record at all during certain times of the day. You can always edit the category of a trip during or after its recording.

Locations – The app stores the locations you have been to for future use. You can add your own locations or name frequently visited locations.

When the TripLog app notices you starting or ending a trip at a location you have stored, it will use the custom name for that location that you have entered (e.g., “Home” or “Office”). You can also set default activity for each location for TripLog to categorize trips to and from that location as.

(For example, I have set my TripLog app to mark trips to my “Office” location as ‘business’)

You can add and configure saved locations under TripLog app > Main Menu > Locations.

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