Managing Duplicate Data

What to do when you have duplicate data on your app or web.

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How to remove duplicate data

Duplicate data can happen when you merge data from multiple devices and there is some shared data among the two data sets. This can also be a result of an error during data sync

To remove duplicate data you can access the tools on the Web Dashboard. There are a few places that this tool is available and they will do the same thing. The process will look for items with the exact values and remove the extra entries. If you have edited the details it will retain those items.

Locations for the Tool

Mileage > Trips > Delete Trips > Delete Duplicates : Select the User

Mileage > Locations > Delete Duplicates : Select the User

Mileage > Vehicles : Delete Duplicates This version of the tool can process ALL USERS Please note that processing All users may take a significant amount of time or possibly timeout depending on the number of users.

To restore the corrected data set from the Web Dashboard to the user device have the user on each mobile device, open TripLog app > menu > Data > Sync Data Between Device and Cloud > choose Pull from Web. This will replace the current app data with the corrected set from the Web Dashboard.

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