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TripLog App Quick Guide - Mileage Tracking

TripLog mobile app introduction for Drivers

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If you need help with Getting Started Please Check out our First Time Setup Article

Mileage Tracking

Add A Vehicle

If you are not prompted to add a vehicle then a placeholder vehicle may have been added. You are able to manually add a vehicle on the app or the web. In the app you can click Main Menu>Vehicles>Add Vehicle.

App Settings

Required: Location Settings

Once you are logged in, the app will ask you to allow permissions including Notifications, Location and to Disable battery optimizations. It is necessary to allow all these permissions as need for the app to function.

In order to provide optimal tracking, it’s important to select “Always Allow” for TripLog access to location. If you need to find the permissions it is located under the main menu and system permissions.

Data Sync : How To Sync Data to the Web

If the app has not automatically synced your data when you log in you may need to manually sync your data from the cloud. In order to properly receive updates and settings in TripLog it’s important to “Merge Data” The other two options are generally only used in troubleshooting situations.

Add a Vehicle

To get started, it's important to add a vehicle. To do this, go to the Homepage → Menu → Vehicles → Add Vehicle → Save.

Auto Start Settings

By default Magic Trip is selected in the app for Automated Mileage Tracking. This may be different if determined by your administrator. If you are able to choose please refer to the Compare AutoStart Options to see what will work best for you. Please remember, even if you choose manual tracking that the location permission is still require to be set to Always Allow.

Additional AutoStart Settings

Trip Editing

When you drive, your trips will be displayed on the “Trips” page and will be automatically recorded. Take a moment to get familiar with the options on the screen below.


To submit trips, go to Menu → Submission. Here you can filter by Trips, Expenses, Time, Date Range, Activity, Not Submitted, and Submitted Trips.

Once you are ready to submit, simply press submit, and a message will be displayed to verify trip details.

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