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Data Management - Purge Data
Data Management - Purge Data

How to remove older data after your archive it.

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Purge Data

While having all of your information in the app and on the web is convenient this can impact performance if there is a lot of data. You may want to remove old and unused Locations, Tags or Notes but they are currently associated with an Item.

You are able to Purge the old data from your account by using the Purge Data Function.

Note: this data will not be readily accessible in the future so run any needed reports for your records. Support can assist with reloading the created backup to your account if needed.

  1. Select the Tax Year

  2. Then Choose what to be removed

    1. Trips

    2. Fuel

    3. Expenses

    4. Mileage Rates

    5. State Mileage

    6. Locations

  3. When you select Purge Data it will create a backup of the items then remove them from your device.

At this point you can do a Push To Web Sync to replace all data on the web with the Smaller Data Set on your phone.

TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Your Plan (email) > Data Backup > Sync Data between Device and Cloud > Push Data

**This will remove all data on the Web Dashboard and replace it with the data from your phone.

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