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Across TripLog there are 2 main fields that allow you to add more information regarding the individual records that will allow you to document or communicate additional information


Tags are searchable items that will allow you to further categorize and filter your Mileage, Expense and Time entries. These are able to be used to filter reporting as well as quickly search and review your related data. Examples of tags would be Contract Numbers to relate items, Specific Event to tie records to or Sub-categories like (Sales Meeting or Wellness Check)


Notes are free form messages that are to add more detail to the record. While generally unique you can use the previously used notes in some areas.

Adding Tags and Notes

  1. You can manually click into the field and start typing your tag.

  2. Click on the Green Plus to Search for Previously used tags or Custom Tags (see Custom Tags)

  3. Manually add a note with free form text

  4. Look up a previously used note to enter into the notes field

Tags In Reporting

Tags can be used to filter records by selecting the tags to modify the reporting. Selecting the Tag will reduce the view to only records with the associated tag entered. This can be used in all reporting and views.

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