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Manual Trip Entry

How to manually add a trip for TripLog app and web dashboard

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While our industry leading AutoStarts make it very convenient to automatically track mileage there might be a reason to need to manually enter a trip or override to manually track a trip.

Manual Trip Entry

TripLog Web Dashboard Add Trip

On the Mileage Page > Click + Add Trip

Add Trip Form

  1. Vehicle Selection - Default Vehicle entered (if you do not have a vehicle added go to Mileage > Vehicles to add a vehicle

  2. Date and Time - Update your Trip date as well as start and end time

  3. Location - Add or Select the From and To location (Add by clicking the plus or selecting a previously traveled/entered location in the dropdown)

  4. Query Driving Distance - Automatically lookup the Driving Distance and time of the entered From and To Locations (locations are required to have Latitude and Longitude to be able to use this tool, refer to the Locations Article for additional information)

  5. Mileage - Entered Manually or automatically with the Query Driving Distance tool. By default will set the odometer change automatically

  6. Activity - Classify the trip with the appropriate Business or Personal Activity

  7. Show More - Click to Expand for additional Notes/Tags and Custom Fields if Enabled. Trip related expenses can be entered here if configured

  8. Create - When Complete click the Create button to commit changes

Enter Details of the Trip

  1. Add Trip - Enter Highlighted Fields

  2. Use the Query Driving Distance Button to run the lookup to get Driving Distance and Time, Confirm/OK to apply to the trip

  3. Update any Additional Required Information and click Create to Save

  4. Verify Trip Save and Click to Edit

TripLog App Manual Tracking Trips or Manual Entry

Pressing the Green Start Button will bring up options for recording your trips.

You will have the choice of GPS Tracking or Manual Entry

Manual GPS Tracking

When Starting a Manual GPS Tracking Trip, the app will take your current location and set it as the start point. You will then see the “Running” trip status and the red line. This is an indication that the app is Currently tracking. To stop the trip you can simply click the Red Stop button at the bottom. At any point you can click on the red line to edit details of the running tip. (see Editing a Trip below) Once you stop the trip you will be prompted to edit the details and save the trip.

Widget : There is a widget available to start and stop the app from the notification center on Apple phones as well as a screen widget available on Android devices if supported.

Manual Entry - This will allow you to manually enter the details of your trip then save them. To complete a manual entry trip click on the Green Start then Manual Entry. Once you enter/select the From and To locations the trip will prompt you to accept the Mapped Distance and Driving Time for the two locations. You can then update the Odometer Start and End if you have those details. Clicking on the Show Details Toggle will expand the trip to show the start and end time details.

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