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Setting Your Work Hours to Auto-Classify Trips
Setting Your Work Hours to Auto-Classify Trips

A walk-through of how to set your work hours in the TripLog app to Auto-Classify your recorded trips

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What Are Work Hours and Auto-Classification

TripLog will be automatically set up to record your trip automatically and will use a default schedule to classify those recorded trips. You are able to modify them to classify them if needed correctly. The default time period for the Business activity is Monday through Friday between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM local time. Any trips taken between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM on those days will be classified as Business which is deductible/reimbursable mileage for the recorded trip based on your configured Mileage Rate. Any Trips taken after 6:00 PM or on the weekend would be classified as Personal or non-reimbursable/non-deductible mileage and would not apply a Mileage Rate but will count toward your total mileage. There are different times that are available to configure and you can set up multiple schedules. The Business Hours and After Hours Default can be changed and we will cover that in the Customization section below

Setting Up Your Work Schedule

You may see a reminder to set your work schedule in the app. Feel free to follow the link sent in that notification to take you directly to the setting. Otherwise, follow the steps below to navigate to your work hours settings.

App Notification to Set Work Hours

Navigating to the Work Schedule

Open the TripLog App and Pull open the Main Menu or Click on the [☰] to open the menu then select Auto Start.

In the AutoStart Menu Navigate to the Bottom and Select Work Schedule > Set Business Week & Hours.

Here are the default settings for the Work Schedule.

Business Hours Activity = Business

After Hours Activity = Personal

Work Schedule = M-F 6a - 6p

Classify Holidays with = Default Setting

Selecting the Business Hours Activity

Clicking on the Business Hours Activity will allow you to select from the available activities configured in your account. There is a dynamic option to use the Last Trip Activity to select the same activity as the previous trip. This option if you have multiple business activities and may switch operations throughout the week.

Setting the After-Hours Activity

Selecting the After Hours Activity menu will allow you to change the default activity on the after hours timeframe from the current default of Personal. This is generally a non-deductible or non-reimbursable option to indicate non-working hours. You can select another Business Activity if available or select Do Not Record. Selecting Do Not Record will allow you to leave the autostart and app running but nothing will trigger tracking during the off hours based on the Work Schedule

Setting the Work Hours Timeframes

Selecting the days of the week as well as the timeframe slider to define the working hours will choose the Business default within those timeframes as well as the After Hours outside of those hours and the unselected days.

  1. Day Selection: Choose the days you want enabled for the Business Hours

  2. Timeframe Selection: Choose the start and end time for the work day

  3. Add Working Hours: Add another schedule to define different schedules

Adding Working Hours

Setting an additional schedule will allow you to define other schedules on multiple days.

If there is overlap the default will be the Business hours activity.

Holiday Schedule (Optional)

You can select to have the holiday schedule to automatically override to After Hours for the set days. This list is not configurable and may not be available in all countries.

Other Defaults For Activities

Please refer to this article for other automatic Defaults available for your trips.

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