Batch Approval - User Submission

How a user can Create, Submit and Review a Batch

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Batch Submission - TripLog App

Batch Submission

Navigate to the TripLog App > Main Menu ( ≡ three line icon ) > Batch Submission

Review Available Batches

In the Batch View, you can see an overview of the available Batches, In-Progress Batches (Draft, Submitted, Rejected), or completed Batches (Approved or Pay Scheduled).

  • Draft: Created and Open to Edit. Not visible to Admins until submitted

  • Submitted: Sent to the Approving manager to Approve/Reject, related entries cannot be edited and the Batch cannot be modified. (The option to "Unsubmit" is available before Approval if changes need to be made to the batch or related entries)

  • Rejected: Items in the Batch were rejected and a related note will be applied to the record. Items can be modified and the Batch can be modified. The option to resubmit will be available after the needed correction

  • Approved: The Batch was accepted and an approval note may have been added to the Approval record. The Batch is not able to be modified and the records cannot be modified or added to another batch.

  • Pay Scheduled: Optional Process status that indicates the Batch was processed by payroll. Some organizations may use the Approval step to indicate reimbursement or final state so they are not used by all organizations.

Creating A New Batch

Clicking on the "+" will Start the Batch Creation, Name your Batch and Click Create

This will create the Draft Batch to edit.

Opening the Draft Batch will give you the Detailed View.

Choosing the + Add Entry button will open the search dialogue for unsubmitted Mileage and Expense entries.

Select the Relevant Filter ( Mileage / Expense - Timeframe - Activity )

Choose the Records to Add to the batch

Once added you can review the overall batch and history

Once All records are added Click the Submit Batch button to Add your Note and Submit

Reviewing Rejected Batches / Editing Batches

If you have a rejected Batch you can review the items that were rejected and make corrections. If there are any changes you can resubmit the Batch.

When submitting you can add your note to resubmit the Batch.

You can choose the Unsubmit Batch to be able to edit the Batch to Add or Remove entries. This will also allow you to edit the records that are associated to the Batch.

Batch Submission - TripLog Web Dashboard

Batch Overview

On the Mileage and Expense page you will have the ability to quickly add items to the and existing batch, create a new batch or edit/remove and existing batch.

  • View Batches: Open the Batch List

  • Add to Batch: Options

    • + Create & Add to Batch

    • - Batches that are Open

    • X Remove from Batch

If can see the items that are associated to a batch as well as select items and add them to a new batch. You will see any related statuses for the individual records associated to the batch status.

Adding Items to a Batch

Selecting Items then Adding to the Batch

Select the Items that you want to add to a Batch

Video Example

  1. Choose the Add to Batch Menu (Choose One)

    • Select Create & Add to Batch to Make a New Batch and Add the Records

    • Select An Existing batch to add the Records to

Confirm your selection to add to the batch

Video Example of Adding to A Batch

Opening An Existing Batch and Adding Entries

This is only available in the Mobile App version of Batch Submission

Editing A Batch

You can remove the entries from within the Batch.

Choose Remove Entries

Select the Records to Remove then Remove Selected. This will remove the items from the Batch.

Video Example of Removing Entries

Deleting a Batch

Selecting the Delete Batch will remove the batch and unassign all related entries to allow them to be added to another batch.

Submitting the Batch on the Web Dashboard

When completed with confirming and adding records to the Batch, when you are ready to submit the Batch choose Submit Batch.

Add a Note to the Admin/Manager to send the notification of the submission to the Approving Manager.

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