Google Driving Distance

Article explaining how the Google Maps Driving Distance tool works

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With the Enterprise version (Enhanced Web) you are able to use the Google Maps Driving Distance tool to automatically calculate Trip Mileage or Validate Over Reported Mileage.

Apply to the Trips

When the Apply to the Trips button is selected the system will apply the Google Distance of the From and To locations to the trip regardless of the recorded Mileage. You can set a threshold of how many units (mi/km) that the system will that the "Adjusted" flag. The trips will still be corrected.

Note: the user may not see the adjustment on the app and will have to refer to the wed dashboard to see the adjustment

Note: To Disable the process select the Show "Over Reported Mileage" Column and remove the number in the box.

Show "Over Reported Mileage" Column

When the selection for Show "Over Reported Mileage" Column is selected and the Threshold % and at least by are populated the web will calculate the difference in the recorded mileage and the Google Suggested Driving Distance. If the recorded trip mileage exceeds the threshold by at least the set amount it will show the total mileage over reported in the web dashboard.

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