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Custom Tags and Custom Fields
Custom Tags and Custom Fields

How to set up and use Custom Tags and Fields

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You can set custom tags for use with user Mileage, Expense and Time entries. You can customize the tags that are used to further refine your reporting while having control over the consistency and format of those tags and fields.

Custom Tags

You can find and configure Custom Tags under Manage Settings, then Custom Tags on the left menu. Custom Tags will allow you to set the Values for the Tags that are available to the users. You can choose to have them display as a Checklist or allow the users to search for them by name. You can also enable the feature to only allow managed tags, meaning only the pre-defined tags can be added.

In the Example the Tags Added are Maintenance Check, Sales Meeting and Shipment Process.

For the user in the app they will click on the Green Plus and Select the relevant tags for the record.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields will allow the admin to configure and allow for additional fields that will further customize the information allowed in the records. This can allow additional record keeping like GL codes or other pre-defined entries. Options are to Create new labels and adda comment to communicate to the user, Set the display order in the app and web if you are creating multiple, Define if the field is required, if the user can or cannot add their own entries and enabling or disabling the field.

In this example the Hardware field is added with 3 entries that will be allowed in the

On the app the user will see the "Hardware" Field and can click on the Green Plus to pull up the selection. In this case the 3 pre-defined fields are displayed to select.

Note: The 'Required' status will pertain to manual entries. Due to the intention of the field to be used in Expense entry it will allow the AutoStart recorded mileage entries (trips) to be saved without need for entry.

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